CRM consultant

Finding and working with CRM consultants: a complete guide

The term ‘CRM consultant’ covers a large range of people. They can carry out very different roles and come in many different guises, from one-man-band freelancers to employees of the company you license your CRM from. Broadly, they are there to help businesses get the most out of their CRM systems.

CRM And Office 365 Email Integration

Case Study: CRM And Office 365 Email Integration

Customer is a leading USA-based independent software vendor, specializing on productivity tools integrating Enterprise Applications (e.g. CRM, ERP, EDM) with Personal User Environments (e.g. Windows, Outlook, Lotus, Mobile, etc.).  The Company boasts impressive clientele, including SAP, Oracle, Deltek, NetSuite, magnet, Amdocs and EMC Documentation, who had already benefited from high-quality solutions tailored to the professional needs of corporate employees.

Agile or waterfall

CRM software roll out: Agile or waterfall?

Waterfall methodologies for the implementation of CRM solutions have been the standard for over twenty years. However, this method poses significant risks, as regardless of if the project results in success or failure, the largest portion of either is realized when the project is completed. As a result, you have severely limited ability to implement fixes if outcomes don’t align with your business objectives.