Why SalesForce is loosing customers
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Why Salesforce is Losing Users to New CRM Startups

Traditional CRMs step aside – it’s all about geospatial CRMs built for field sales reps now. Matthew Sniff, founder and CEO of Map My Customers explains why sales-driven organizations need to care about the impact these location-based CRMs will have on their sales outcomes.

Siebel CRM
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Siebel CRM Grand Tour – 2019 Events

The Siebel CRM team is focused on customer success and CRM innovation. At our worldwide events, we provide details of our latest Strategy and Roadmap, the latest innovations as well as allowing customers to share their success stories, and of course networking opportunities within our Customer Advisory Board.

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Back to the Old School With Zoho

Customer relationship management keeps expanding, and some people might wonder why we never seem to get all the way to some mythical goal of perfection. One of the chief reasons is that the goal posts are moving away from us and always will be. This isn’t some plot by the software companies to drive demand. From what I’ve seen, most companies simply try to keep up with demand with increasingly diverse products that meet real market needs.