CRM for Everyone – A Case Study of KFC CRM

To understand the implementation of CRM software in a better manner, let us take a look at how KFC, or Kentucky Fried Chicken, a world renowned chain of fast food restaurants that is famous for its fried chicken, has successfully implemented it to automate as well as get the most out of its business operations. CRM software has helped KFC grow its business by boosting customer satisfaction as well as retention.

Embedded Marketing Automation

Increase Efficiency With CRM Embedded Marketing Automation

Demonstrating how Dynamics 365 and ClickDimensions embedded marketing automation increases efficiency by bridging the gap between sales and marketing. In this presentation, you’ll see examples of how these solutions help marketing teams work smarter to

Tesco Malaysia

Tesco Malaysia CRM Strategy Analysis

In May 2002, Tesco opened its first store in Puchong, Malaysia. In order to facilitate Malaysian, Tesco provides a complete one-stop shopping for their needs, including fresh food to groceries, from household needs to apparel. Tesco carriers a total of 86,000 lines of products including more than 1,300 Tesco branded items.