A Simple Solution for Complex Sales Teams: PipelineDeals


In an ever-flattening global economy, people are using more tools and trying to manage more relationships than ever. For sales teams, that can be an enormous hassle. Between outreach, onboarding, providing strong service, and tracking results, managing an entire sales operation is extremely complicated in 2019. If you’re looking to take some of the headache out of that process, you need a powerful, streamlined customer relationship management platform (CRM).

A leader in the space, PipelineDeals is currently offering a 14-day free trial or a customized demo so you can determine the best solutions for your needs.

PipelineDeals helps sales teams of all sizes build customer relationships and close deals faster with intuitive, easily-adoptable, and even easier to use sales tools. In a world of over-engineered tools with opaque UX, PipelineDeals simplifies sales and management in a seamless central hub. In the event that you are having trouble, their free, US-based, 2019 Stevie Award-winning customer support is on hand to help.

With PipelineDeals, you get streamlined, simple account management with full visibility into customer accounts at all stages of the sales funnel. You can manage key deliverables, project details, milestones, and deadlines all in one place. By tracking deals at each stage and sharing details internally, you have full transparency into goals and the progress towards them. Better yet, with unlimited dashboards and reports, you don’t have to worry about hitting any limits or losing valuable data.

Sound like a good fit? Check out PipelineDeals today for a 14-day free trial or reach out to schedule a customized demo.

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